Thursday, March 3, 2011


The new king size bed came on Monday and in a word it is heaven! There is finally enough room for 4 people in one bed. When I get around to making the bed again, I'll take a photo to show you the amazing-ness. Also, my dad and I are going to DIY a headboard, which should be exciting. I have measured, found the shape I want, and now I just have to buy the fabric, foam and wood. But, my dad said he is excited to get to work on the project...his retirement has been good to my DIY projects :)

Here are a few of the other exciting things that have been going on around here:

Natalie clearly has my dance gene :)

My parents took Natalie swimming again on Sunday, before she went we braided her hair so it wouldn't get in her eyes. This is the only photo I could take of her...she got SO shy when I pulled out the camera

For good measure, here is a cute (relaxed) Philip in his car seat. Those gorgeous big eyes get me every time.

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