Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's official...Natalie's first word is Mama, and she also says MOM. This generally happens when she is starting to fuss, she starts saying "mmmmmmm" and then at the end, "mama". It is wonderful. Phil says she knows what she is saying, but I'm not so sure.

Other happenings...
Natalie has discovered that sleeping on her belly is way more comfortable
She likes to cuddle when she wakes up...sometimes
Pulling everything out of her book shelf is more fun than putting it back
Self portraits don't always work out
(isn't that the most sinister face?)
The pack and play isn't really that fun to play in
She now pulls herself to standing and puts her arms up,
which is "Natalie signing" for "GET ME OUT"
Gardens Grow - even if you don't fertilize
(look at all the green tomatoes and the lone red one)
Natalie loves to taste the plants
zucchini bread is wonderful
and even better with homemade mixed berry butter
(notice the bite)

I'll take "the rapist" for $100 Alex

Have you seen the Saturday Night Live sketches with Will Ferrell playing Alex Trebek and Darrell Hammond playing Sean Connery? It is hilarious every time I watch it - the jist is Sean Connery is on "Celebrity Jeopardy" and hates Alex Trebek. He says things like, "I slept with your mother last night, Trebek", only with this crazy Sean Connery accent. It cracks me up every time. One sketch features a category of "Therapist" and Sean Connery says to Trebek, "I'll take 'The Rapist' for $100"...hilarious with a capital H.

Any who...back to the point of this post.

One of my dear friends, Liz, just landed her first "real" therapist job. I wonder if in her head, when she accepted the job, she said, "I'll take 'the rapist' job" he he...childish humor - I love it.

Congratulations Liz!

Sidebar - I'm so glad she got this job, because it made it possible for me to write the post, which reminded me about the wonderful sketch. I'll be laughing for the rest of the day.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Might not be that cool to a "real" farmer - but check out my first harvest from my garden:

I've already been using the herbs, which are great! There are tomatoes all over the plants, all green, but they are there. I have two bell peppers almost ready to pick and if my egg plant can survive the attack from the zucchini plant leaves, it is almost ready to blossom.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week in review

Events of the past week:

- First baseball game with baby, success!

- First dinner out, without baby, success!

- First non-family, non-nanny babysitter, sort-of success!

- Second trip to Target for photos, kinda-a-success!

- Second trip to IKEA for Natalie and Phil, success!

Thursday night, we attended a baseball game with the SSA (it is the spouses association I belong to for Phil’s work). It was FUN! Beer, Brats, Baseball, Baby – what more do you want in an evening? Natalie had a blast and held out until the sixth inning.

I know this looks like she is tring to start a fight, but really it is her new smile.
Her face just gets all scrunchy

Friday night Phil and I were fortunate enough to score a babysitter, a fellow spouse from the association, Ann. She agreed to watch Natalie so Phil and I could go to dinner. We dropped Natalie off at the soccer field, where Ann was watching her younger daughter play. Natalie did “pretty well” in the words of Ann. I think she was over-tired when we dropped her off and probably missed her mama, but who knows? She had only started to sob as we pulled up. I think we will go out again and it should get easier, right? True to form, we talked about Natalie through almost all of the dinner.
This is Natalie playing once we got home from the dinner-date/babysitting adventure

Saturday we traveled to IKEA! It is one of my most favorite stores and I think, in addition to over-filling my house with useless junk, I could go bankrupt if I bought everything I wanted.

Natalie has figured out how to crawl over to furniture, pull her self up and coast – which is not so great for our basement and the current entertainment center we have. We have been thinking about buying a new entertainment center and found one at Pottery Barn, which was great; but was also $1400! While browsing at IKEA, we found one we really liked and it was a steal – only $300. We also bought a mirror for the dinning area wall, for $99, another steal. My dad and Phil hung the mirror and it looks great, although it is a little off-center. Phil has the entertainment center put together, we just have to move it into place and position some shelves. I’ll post the completed photos soon.
This is the first photo - as a tease

Sunday we made and appointment to get some photos taken at Target. I bought Natalie a fancy dress and what better excuse to wear it? She was a little tired and didn’t want to sit still and smile, she wanted to crawl all over the studio. We were able to get a few cute photos, which I’ll post when we get them.

Busy times at our house.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things that make you go "Humm"

Here are a few photos of Natalie enjoying the porch at the cabin. She loves hummingbirds, when you say "bird" she looks at the feeder

Phil and I decided to go "up and over" the mountain to get home
this is the view from the top

4th of July Fun

For the 4th of July holiday, we ran errands, spent time at the cabin and cleaned. So, pretty much just like any other weekend, only we had an extra day to do stuff.

Here are some photos
July 3rd - Natalie in curlers
After the curlers - all ready to go.
Don't you love the pose
At the cabin - couldn't get Natalie to look at the camera and smile

Natalie in her 4th of July dress

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things I love

1. Fancy Dresses
2. Fancy Dresses for Natalie
3. Fancy Dresses for a great price!

Yesterday, after work, my mom, Natalie and I traveled to Macy's. I needed to make a return, which resulted in a credit on my already paid off Macy's card. My mom suggested we make our way up to the top floor to look at clothes for Natalie - how could I argue.

While on the top floor, we found a rack of dresses. The sign said "50% off the already reduced price". Jackpot!
Here is what I picked up:

6-9 months - She'll wear this now
reg $60, sale $4.50

18 months - She'll wear this next summer
reg. $66, sale $8.49

24 months - She'll wear this in two years
reg. $66, sale $8.49

People might think it is crazy that I'm buying dresses so far in advance, but at these prices, how can I not.

If you know anyone who needs a flower girl next year or the year after - let us know. Natalie already has her dress!