Monday, February 4, 2013


We celebrated my dad's birthday with a family dinner and cake at our house. Natalie loved helping grandpa blow out the candles and we all enjoyed celebrating such a wonderful dad


Christmas was a lot of fun this year.  Both kids had a great time opening presents; although, they both would have been fine with a lot less.  Philip, after opening one toy, didn't want to open any more and still hasn't played with some of the toys that Natalie opened for him. 

We enjoyed breakfast and then took naps and had dinner at my mom's house.


The first snow fall after we came home from Cancun we got out and played.  It was exhausting but super fun.

Holiday Program

Before Christmas, Natalie and Philip both had their school holiday program

enjoying the show

First time on Santa's Lap

Philip's program.  He stood at the front and searched the room for us.  Once he found Phil, he ran straight to us and sat on my lap for the remainder of the program.  But he is so handsome!

SO happy now

Cancun & a 4th Birthday Celebration

Before Thanksgiving, we went on a family trip to Cancun.  It was a little breezy while we were there, but it was still nice to be in the sun, water and with family.

Two airport shots

Right off the plane we ordered drinks

checking in at the hotel

first of many birthday celebration desserts

We went for a walk after dinner and Natalie couldn't help herself, she climbed right into the hot tub with all her clothes on

Balcony photo shoot with Auntie

Ocean time

We went into downtown Cancun to explore and enjoyed great guac and beer.  Philip really loved the guac

Natalie's actual birthday

Auntie & Godfather got engaged!

An iguana on the golf course

Making the way home

Sleepy babies

We came home to piles of snow and it was a total shock to the system.