Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Months

WOW!  Philip is already 10 months, actually older, but it took me forever to post these photos

10 months

three years old!!

At 10-months, here are your stats:
  • You have three teeth, with one trying it darndest to pop through
  • You roll over from belly to back and back to belly - regularly!
  • You scoot on your bottom, but haven't crawled - although you are close
  • You (at this point) were still sleeping in my arms...more on that change later
  • You coo and say mama and dada.  Otherwise, you babble LOUDLY
can't believe you will be one soon...

First Haircut

Right before her third birthday, Natalie decided to take me up on the offer to take her for a haircut.  We ended up at a kid-friendly place where she got to sit in a car while her hair was cut.  Made the first snip less painful.
Getting her hair washed and trying not to look freaked out

Blow Dry

All finished!
In all, only about 1 inch was cut off


Over the weekend I took on two projects - hanging family photos and putting the yarn letters I made for Philip's room on his wall.  

In the main living room, I took down the painting that was up and tried a few other things on the wall...finally settled on family photos.  

To make sure I liked where they were hung, I cut out frame sized pieces of paper and hung them on the wall

I forgot to take a final photo - hopefully that will happen soon

Next was hanging up the letters I made for Philip's room.  I cut out letters and then wrapped them in yarn.  Figured out where to hang them and slapped them on the wall.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Halloween - before I forget

I can't believe I forgot to post these photos.

Here is Natalie as Ariel and Philip as Sebastian:
Day before Halloween at Grandmas

Also, my parents took Natalie to the farm the day before Halloween, where they were having a trick or treat event.  Natalie loves the farm, but getting candy at the same time?  Really cool

running through the corn maze

Here we are looking at all the candy we went trick or treating for:

Here we are sharing candy.  Natalie enjoyed making me "try" almost every piece she got.  And Philip loved the candy in crinkly wrappers that we let him crunch on

Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's Party!

The Saturday following her third birthday, we held a "friends" party for her at the local swimming pool.  We had a room reserved that opened to the swimming pool, only to find out when we showed up that there was a screw-up with the reservations and the room we booked was double booked and we weren't going to be able to use it.  GREAT - total Seinfeld episode where Jerry and Elaine show up to get the car they reserved and they don't have any car and Jerry says that he has a reservation and the lady behind the counter says, "we have the reservation but no car" and Jerry says "You know how to take a reservation, but you don't know how to hold a reservation." This is EXACTLY what happened.  

Well, they put us (or tried to put us) in a board room with a ton of junk and no room for fun - and the invites specifically stated that there would be pizza, cake and fun.  So, I talked them into letting us have an open children's gym with a ballet bar, play mats and a large mirror instead.  They set up a few tables that they had and some chairs and we covered everything with table cloths and balloons.  It worked out pretty well.  

Cake Table
Strawberry cupcakes, Natalie's 3 candle cake, and two layer strawberry cake

Food table

Mermaid chips and salsa

Starfish Crackers

Mermaid Pizza

Mermaids get thirsty :)

Birthday girl in her birthday shirt

Gift table for the kids who came to the table

Singing Happy Birthday

New bike for the 3-year-old

Other than having to take two 1/2 days off work to complete all the handmade items, I'd say our first outside of our home party was a success! All worth it for that sweet little girl!

Actual Birthday Party

On Natalie's actual birthday we hosted a small family party at our house.  We had roasted chicken, spaghetti squash, and salad followed by a yummy strawberry cake.

My parents took Natalie to the new natural history museum prior to her party and she really wanted this kitty to come home with her

After dinner we brought out the cake and Natalie couldn't help but take a lick of the frosting

We moved on to opening presents - first the non-exciting presents from mom and dad

She got a "learn to tie your shoes" kit and some clothes

Then she moved on to the present from Godfather - which was VERY exciting.  

Meet our new puppy, G.G.

The back story on this dog is this:  The night before her birthday, Natalie and I ran to Target to get birthday dinner and cake ingredients.  Well, as we were strolling through the isles she saw this dog and had her first in-store meltdown.  And she didn't hold back, there were tears, screaming, and begging me to go and buy her that puppy.  It was embarrassing.  Seriously, embarrassing.  I said "Natalie, stop crying, we don't cry in the store" which made her cry louder.  Well, we made it to the check out and she finally stopped crying when I explained that maybe Godfather would buy it for her birthday.  This is always my excuse when she wants something I won't buy for her - maybe Godfather will buy it. Well, Godfather stopped by that night and Natalie promptly asked him "Godfather, you buy me that puppy for my birthday?" He explained that he had already bought her a present...which prompted this tearful response: ""  
Well, leave it to Godfather to make a special trip to Target to buy her the puppy she desperately wanted.  That puppy is with her ALL THE TIME. He sleeps on the floor next to her bed in a make shift dog bed or in the bed with her and she is constantly asking everyone to pet her doggy.