Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the High Chair

My parents have kept a lot of things my brothers and I used as children, cribs, toys, clothes and a high chair. The high chair is the first high chair that Natalie sat in and she loved it.

Last night, my mom brought out the high chair for Philip to sit in, he had the same reaction as Natalie.

when you are this good looking, it is hard to not get lost in your own reflection

Thursday, August 11, 2011

7 Months

7 months already?


Philip is sitting up better and better and is trying REALLY hard to crawl. He climbs up you when you hold him, loves playing in the activity center and is getting more and more aware of the world around him. His tooth is breaking through more each day and the drooling continues. He still loves his sister and she loves him, but mom is his first choice. In the sleep department, he is sleeping better each night - often getting 8 to 9 hours between feedings. He is also getting better and better about not having to be held to sleep. He likes being close to me, but will sleep next to me for a few hours at a time. He likes to have his belly rubbed in a circular motion to get him to sleep and has started to stretch his legs out and put his arms above his head while he sleeps.

He is so much fun (except for the days that are hard). He loves to smile, laugh and talks (babbles) all the time. Even more will change over this month, I assume he will start to army crawl soon - possibly before the 8 month mark.

Actual 7 month birthday!

Actual 7 month birthday!

day before 7-months...because I didn't realize it wasn't the 10th

Minnesota and other things

The last week of July, Philip, grandma and I went to Minnesota. As usual, Philip was great for the flight there and back and was a good boy for Grandma while I was in meetings.

The first night there we went to a great place for dinner - and they were having a "date night" special, which included a full bottle of wine, two starters (we had pizza & salad), two full meals (we had artichoke- chicken pasta & roasted half-chicken with risito & mushrooms), and two full desserts (we had chocolate mouse cake & butterscotch brulee) all for $50! We each had a glass of wine and took the rest to the hotel, along with 1/2 of each of our meals and both desserts. So we had a few meals for the next few days.

The rest of the time we stayed pretty close to the hotel, going swimming and on short walks. The morning of our flight, everything was conspiring against us and we were very close to missing the flight, but then the Hertz rep told us that he would drive us to the check in counter to save us time and didn't even charge me for not refilling the gas tank. He was the best part of the day. We got home shortly before Natalie was waking up from her nap, got settled then stayed home that night as a family.

I shouldn't have to go anywhere until September, but September will bring a week long adventure to New Jersey and at least one night in Minnesota. Bring on the fun!

Here are a few photos from Minnesota in July