Thursday, August 11, 2011

7 Months

7 months already?


Philip is sitting up better and better and is trying REALLY hard to crawl. He climbs up you when you hold him, loves playing in the activity center and is getting more and more aware of the world around him. His tooth is breaking through more each day and the drooling continues. He still loves his sister and she loves him, but mom is his first choice. In the sleep department, he is sleeping better each night - often getting 8 to 9 hours between feedings. He is also getting better and better about not having to be held to sleep. He likes being close to me, but will sleep next to me for a few hours at a time. He likes to have his belly rubbed in a circular motion to get him to sleep and has started to stretch his legs out and put his arms above his head while he sleeps.

He is so much fun (except for the days that are hard). He loves to smile, laugh and talks (babbles) all the time. Even more will change over this month, I assume he will start to army crawl soon - possibly before the 8 month mark.

Actual 7 month birthday!

Actual 7 month birthday!

day before 7-months...because I didn't realize it wasn't the 10th

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  1. Your baby is the cutest thing! What sweet pictures. Time really flies, doesn't it?