Friday, November 18, 2011

Actual Birthday Party

On Natalie's actual birthday we hosted a small family party at our house.  We had roasted chicken, spaghetti squash, and salad followed by a yummy strawberry cake.

My parents took Natalie to the new natural history museum prior to her party and she really wanted this kitty to come home with her

After dinner we brought out the cake and Natalie couldn't help but take a lick of the frosting

We moved on to opening presents - first the non-exciting presents from mom and dad

She got a "learn to tie your shoes" kit and some clothes

Then she moved on to the present from Godfather - which was VERY exciting.  

Meet our new puppy, G.G.

The back story on this dog is this:  The night before her birthday, Natalie and I ran to Target to get birthday dinner and cake ingredients.  Well, as we were strolling through the isles she saw this dog and had her first in-store meltdown.  And she didn't hold back, there were tears, screaming, and begging me to go and buy her that puppy.  It was embarrassing.  Seriously, embarrassing.  I said "Natalie, stop crying, we don't cry in the store" which made her cry louder.  Well, we made it to the check out and she finally stopped crying when I explained that maybe Godfather would buy it for her birthday.  This is always my excuse when she wants something I won't buy for her - maybe Godfather will buy it. Well, Godfather stopped by that night and Natalie promptly asked him "Godfather, you buy me that puppy for my birthday?" He explained that he had already bought her a present...which prompted this tearful response: ""  
Well, leave it to Godfather to make a special trip to Target to buy her the puppy she desperately wanted.  That puppy is with her ALL THE TIME. He sleeps on the floor next to her bed in a make shift dog bed or in the bed with her and she is constantly asking everyone to pet her doggy.

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