Thursday, November 3, 2011


Back in October (seriously, it's November already?), we turned a Florida work trip for me into a mini vacation.  My mom, Philip and I flew to Florida for my work conference and spent a few days at a resort.  

Philip at the hotel

First time Philip's toes touched the ocean

Enjoying the warm weather

First dip

Beer, ocean, sand, warm setting sun, what more can you ask for

view of one of the hotel pools

The last day of my work trip, Phil, Natalie and my dad left for Florida -supposed to get into Florida that afternoon.  Supposed to...  They got to Atlanta and Delta put them through quite the day.  One and off planes, terminal to terminal, delay after delay and finally a cancelled flight about 7 hours of crazy airport and airplane time.  Through it all, Natalie was probably the best behaved person on the flight.  Phil said that a lady sitting behind them on one of the stalled planes they were on demanded that a first class flight attendant give Natalie a bag of chips because she was doing so good. Once their flight had been cancelled, they got on the flight to Florida the following morning and headed to the Delta-provided hotel for the night.  Luckily Phil had packed an extra outfit for Natalie.  

Ready to go

Waiting for the plane

While all that was going on with them, my mom, Philip and I left the resort and headed for the house we had rented.   

I unpacked in the living room, because we were still unsure of where everyone would sleep

Pool and view from the backyard 

Dock in the backyard.  

That night, Godfather and Auntie left on the red-eye headed for Florida.  They had a layover in Atlanta and they had no idea that Phil, dad and Natalie hadn't made it to the house.  Next morning, Friday, Godfather and Auntie were waiting for the flight and were spotted by my dad who sent Natalie over to give Godfather a hug.  He describes it as standing there and all of a sudden he feels little arms wrap around him and he looks down to see Natalie's smiling face.  Pretty nice surprise.  They got to Florida that morning and we started to relax and enjoy the vacation.
Getting her hair fixed the morning in Atlanta (thank goodness for Auntie)

Natalie arrived and couldn't help but get right in the pool - clothes and all

While we were there, we did a lot of dock fishing {morning, noon and night}, ocean swimming, relaxing, exploring, birthday celebrating, and all around fun-time-having. 

A belated-birthday celebration


first catch

First catfish catch

this is the "kitty that swims" as Natalie says

dock diving

one of the biggest catches

a video version of dock diving

Godfather's puffer fish

warm ocean swimming

ice cream for the little girl, margaritas for everyone else

birds that visited every morning

beautiful sunset

"playing" in the backyard

sleeping baby and warm ocean

nap time

family ocean time

sunset time

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