Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things I love

1. Fancy Dresses
2. Fancy Dresses for Natalie
3. Fancy Dresses for a great price!

Yesterday, after work, my mom, Natalie and I traveled to Macy's. I needed to make a return, which resulted in a credit on my already paid off Macy's card. My mom suggested we make our way up to the top floor to look at clothes for Natalie - how could I argue.

While on the top floor, we found a rack of dresses. The sign said "50% off the already reduced price". Jackpot!
Here is what I picked up:

6-9 months - She'll wear this now
reg $60, sale $4.50

18 months - She'll wear this next summer
reg. $66, sale $8.49

24 months - She'll wear this in two years
reg. $66, sale $8.49

People might think it is crazy that I'm buying dresses so far in advance, but at these prices, how can I not.

If you know anyone who needs a flower girl next year or the year after - let us know. Natalie already has her dress!

1 comment:

  1. Are you trying to show off that your beautiful daughter ALSO gets to wear beautiful clothes?!? Kai is so jealous (ok, Kai's mom is so jealous), but she will be beautiful in them...oh, Kai just asked me if he could take her on a stroller date (and she has to wear one of her fancy dresses). :)