Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things that go bump in the night

Natalie is crawling – looks more like faux crawling right now, but every day she gets stronger and stronger and she is figuring out (too quickly if you ask me) that she can get places quicker if she is up on her hands and knees rather than doing her army crawl. Rather than thinking this is cute and amazing that my 7ish month old daughter is crawling, I think about all the dangers in my house. Things like the TV tipping over on to her, the cleaning products that I leave in my laundry room – very close to where she plays, the lack of cleaning products I use on the floor (all those germs!). Now, you would assume if I think of all the things that she can do and the places she can go while crawling, that I'd be especially careful of where I let her sleep. Well, you would be wrong.

Over the weekend, I wasn't very careful and a lovely game of Mexican train dominoes was interrupted.

First I heard a short "gooo" (as if to say, Hello! I'm all alone and can hear everyone having fun without me. I'm going to fall off the bed unless someone will catch me), then a loud thud, followed by my heart jumping out of my chest, while it stopped beating. The sound of that thud is one I will never forget, I’m still haunted.

I ran up the stairs faster than any person has ever run up stairs and scooped Natalie up before she even started to cry. Not to say that stopped her from crying, because it didn't.

Lesson One: Don't trust your 7ish month old daughter to sleep on the big girl bed.
Lesson Two: Start baby proofing your house, NOW

Sidebar: Last night, Natalie figured out she can sit up from a crawling position. Time to lower the crib mattress.

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  1. I love that you used sidebar in your post! Don't feel too bad, I let Griffin roll off the bed while I was in the bathroom doing my hair when he was about that age. It's true about the thump. He also rolled down the stairs once because I didn't realized he would just step out into empty space. Or when I learned that childproof caps are easiest for toddlers to open, and I'm still wondering about the tube of chapstick he ate just a few days ago.

    Motherhood just got interesting!