Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Months Old


Wow, time flies! Philip is two months. We took him to the doctor Thursday morning for his check up and he is growing like a weed! He is 11 pounds 11 ounces (51%) and 23 & 1/2 inches (72%) long...which means that he has gained almost 4 pounds since birth and grown 3 inches!

Before Natalie was born, I asked Phil what type of personality she would have and he said "well, hope it is like mine, because I don't think I could handle two of you." Gotta love his honesty. And he was right, Natalie has a pretty easy going personality, just like her daddy. Which means she is pretty much up for anything, anytime. Stay up late? Okay, sleep in? Okay, No food while we travel? Okay...and we don't have to deal with tantrums (knock on wood). So easy...

Well, I think the opposite is true of Philip...He is totally MY son. He is developing a schedule and let's you know when you aren't doing what he wants when he wants it. If he is hungry - don't mess with him, when he is tired - don't mess with him. He wants to eat, take a bath and go to sleep by 8:30 or 9:00 pm...which is VERY difficult for us, because that is when we are putting Natalie down. He doesn't care, he wants us to accommodate him, which we are trying to do.

I was telling my mom about this schedule he is trying to put us on and how the doctor told us to be ready for tantrums. I said to my mom, "The doctor said that he will throw himself on the ground and freak out...seriously I think he is like me!" My mom said, "yes, sounds like it. When 10:30 rolled around I knew to feed you, otherwise you would scream. When you didn't get your way, you would throw fact there are still marks on the wall from you kicking it." I guess she is telling me what goes around, comes around??

Hope we can adjust our schedule to meet Philip's needs, or that he adjusts his to meet ours :)

love how high his pants are

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