Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It came, we fought, it won

No amount of Lysol could keep that little cold Natalie caught from grabbing a hold of Phil and me and dragging us through the mud.

It started two Thursdays ago...

Phil had mentioned that he thought Natalie had a lisp when she was talking, and that night I confirmed that it was a lisp, but it was a cold induced lisp. Then that night, she couldn't fall asleep because she was having trouble breathing through her nose and it really bugged her. She would almost fall asleep and then wake up screaming because of her nose. Phil took the first two hours holding her, then I spent two hours holding her in the recliner while Phil held Philip, then I traded him Philip for Natalie and it was morning soon after that. The next night was better, I bought a new humidifier, baby chest rub, gave her tea and honey and we had her take numerous hot showers so she could take deep breaths of steam. On top of that, she let us suck the gunk out of her nose once or twice and she got pretty good at (finally) using the saline nose spray. While this was going on, I kept repeating, "we won't get sick, we won't get sick" all while spraying anything that could be sprayed with Lysol.

Once Natalie was sick, she ended up sleeping in our room where she was most comfortable, and I took Philip to the basement bedroom, to keep him away from the germs. About four days later, Phil said he felt he was getting sick. Oh no! I immediately started taking Zicam, drinking gallons of green tea, gargling with salt water and drinking plenty of other fluids too to hopefully avoid getting the cold. A few days after he got sick, it hit me too. Now, I don't remember the last time Phil had a cold, and I haven't had a cold in over a year (February 1st 2010 to be exact), so I guess we were both due, but seriously I would rather have the 24 hour stomach flu than have a cold. I was miserable! And to make everything worse, I was still bound and determined to keep Philip healthy so I kept cleaning and started to wear a mask to sleep so I wouldn't breathe on him while I was sleeping. SERIOUSLY, I sleep in a mask. I need to have Phil take a picture so I can show Philip later in life, "This is what I did for you...eat your vegetables".

We are almost all better and knock on wood, Philip still hasn't gotten sick!! Guess the mask is working, that and all the Purell and Lysol we have been using.

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