Monday, August 17, 2009

This is going to be a long post

Natalie had her first visit to Tracy Aviary, which she loved! She particularly liked the "weird" looking birds - the vulchers were most interesting to her. After the aviary she spent some time at the park. She was able to sit by the pond and watch the ducks. Natalie loves watching birds and it isn't surprising to me that she would like the vulchers best.

The same week Natalie visited the aviary, she went to Hogle Zoo. She was very interested in the animals and the giraffe was one of her favorites. In fact after seeing the giraffe in real life, she saw a stuffed animal in a gift shop and with her cat like reflexes, had it in the stroller, in essence forcing her nanny to buy it for her.
How could you say no to that face?

Sunday afternoon, my mom, Natalie and I travelled up to Stein Eriksen lodge for Brunch. It was very nice and I ate TOO much! Even though Natalie hadn't had more than a 20 minute nap, she cooperated and had a great time crawling all over the lobby of the lodge.
She was exhausted by the end of brunch and fell asleep before we got to the car, and stayed asleep while I belted her in!

We have been having wonderfully cool weather, which means I don't burst into flames while playing with Natalie in the back yard. She doesn't really like to crawl on the grass, but she likes to pick at it - and hold the grass in her hands.

Last Friday we took Natalie in for her 9 month (gasp!) check up! She had to get one shot while we were there, but she didn't even cry! The nurse said that she hasn't ever had a baby not cry when she gave them a shot. She is such a trooper!

We were very surprised when Natalie was put on the scale. Our little string bean is still a string bean! She weighs in at 16 pounds 4 ounces (11%) and 27.5 inches long (50%). For her length she should weigh 2 more pounds! I guess it is a good thing, because it makes carrying her around a lot easier.
Even though she is a string bean, she is meeting and exceeding her developmental goals. The doctor said, "You sure do make it easy on me". The best thing is that Natalie hasn't ever been sick. (knock on wood) Hopefully we can keep her healthy for a while longer. It seems a lot easier to deal with a sick baby, who can say, "Mom, my belly hurts" rather than just cry.

She is starting to walk more and more while holding on to things. On Saturday afternoon I was folding laundry and she grabbed the laundry basket, stood up, and started to push it around the room. It won't be long before she is taking those first steps and I'll be chasing her even more! Who needs exercise? I have a baby to chase after.

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