Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've been out and about in the blog world, blog stalking as some might call it. I've come across a bunch of blogs that are talking about breastfeeding. I guess it was national breastfeeding week a little while ago? Not sure the exact date, but it happened. Here are two that I found this morning:

I think breastfeeding is best; however, after the battle I had trying to teach Natalie how to eat and teach myself how to feed her, I don't judge any women who don't want to go through that. Now that I have a baby who only wants to drink milk that comes from her mom, I realize I will be nursing her until she naturally weans. Which I figure will be around the 13 month mark? (fingers crossed) I often think of how easy it would be if Natalie would take a bottle, and then I think of how much money I'm saving on formula...I found the silver lining, because there isn't a bottle/cup to look at half full.

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