Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kitchen Floor

This post is about more than just the kitchen floor, but I'll start there.

My kitchen floor is d.i.r.t.y! It is yucky - I need to vacuum and mop - but who has the time, not me. If it were just Phil and me walking around on the floor, the dirtiness wouldn't bother me at all. In fact, I wouldn't even notice it. The tile in our kitchen is that great natural tile that hides most signs of dirt, which is great, because it allows me to totally ignore that it has been a month (yes, I'm admitting that I haven't mopped the floor in a month) since I have mopped. I mean, spot cleaning here and there, yes, full on mopping - NO.
Now that Phil is back from and extended trip to Houston, maybe I'll get a chance to do the cleaning I so desperately long to do. (do you hear the sarcasm, blog world)

Speaking of cleaning, I mentioned to Phil that we needed to hire a housekeeper. I had a housekeeper before we had Natalie, but truth be told it seemed like a huge (unnecessary) indulgence. Because of that, we let her go about a month before I gave birth. I mean, why after having a baby would I not be able to clean - they don't create any messes...right? WRONG Now I'm seeing that working full time and cleaning the house isn't as easy as it used to be. When I explained this to Phil, he said, "Why, I help out. What am I not helping enough with?". He does help, but seriously, we pay someone to mow our grass and take care of our baby - we can't hire someone to clean our toilets? In these hard economic times, shouldn't we be spending our money on housekeepers rather than saving it for a rainy day? (again, hearing the sarcasm) I haven't fully decided if I will hire someone, but I'm leaning toward yes, most days. Especially when I look at my floor.

As previously mentioned, Phil is back from Houston. He was there for a training class, and was supposed to be home late last night. Due to a flight delay, he missed his connection and didn't make it home until today. Glad he is home. This single parent business isn't easy. Like last night when Natalie climbed into the shower before I could get her diaper off and the water sprayed her and then me in the face and got her diaper all wet. Ahh the joys of having an 8-month old who crawls.

One great thing that has happened while Phil has been gone is that Natalie is again sleeping through the night! 8:30 pm - 7:30 am every night this week (hope I didn't just jinx it).

Friday night we are going to the Symphony at Deer Valley with god-father and auntie. I've already planned the menu and I'm looking forward to using my picnic supplies. Natalie is going with us, so I hope her early bed time doesn't interfere with our symphony enjoyment. (I realize that we are going to be "those" parents who bring their kid to an adult activity - but get over it)

Saturday I'll be going on a walk, to the farmers market and to the swimming pool...we are also planning to host family for dinner - the first time that has happened since before Natalie was born.


  1. You are such a dork! Hire the housekeeper! Tell Phil that he can man-up and mow the lawn once a week, so that you can have clean floors and toilets. If you think about it, a housekeeper is a much better investment, because cleaning is a harder job that requires more constant attention. If I could, I'd have one in a minute.

    Sounds like a great weekend, can't wait for the Symphony!

  2. Liz, you crack me up. I dream of the day when a little fairy will come down and fold the laundry, I know, keep dreaming.

    Joelle, I hope it didn't rain on you tonight and that Miss Natalie was a good little girl. I need to see you all very SOON!