Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One little tooth

I've thought Natalie was getting a tooth since she was about 4 months old and started chewing on her hands and anything else she could get into her mouth. Every night I'd wash her gums with a washcloth and find no teeth...

Then around the 8 month mark, she started drooling more and more while chewing on everything. I said, "She is getting a tooth". But again, I was wrong. Which, because I'm still nursing, was just fine with me.

At the 9 month visit with the doctor, we asked if it was "OK" that she didn't have any teeth, and the doctor confirmed what we had read on the Internet, it is okay that she doesn't have teeth, the longer she goes without them, the better, and not to worry. (See everything on the Internet is true.)

Phil even had people say things like, "Natalie doesn't have any teeth yet?" followed by "Well, she needs teeth soon or she won't ever learn how to chew". Generally said with a disapproving tone - like it is something we control. Flip a switch and your kid will get teeth?

Well, disapproving people, Natalie got her first tooth. Most of her first tooth, that is - it is still working its way out.

True to form, there was no fussing, no crying, no real sign she was teething - except the aforementioned drooling and chewing that has been going on for five months.

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