Monday, March 30, 2009

A Weekend of Party Fun, 5K Run, & Getting Pictures Hung

All dressed up and no where to go? That wasn’t our problem on Friday night. We were dressed up and ready to P-A-R-T-Y! The farewell party was on Friday night and so much fun! Below are photos from the event:

Saturday my mom, Natalie and I traveled to Kaysville for the Best Buddies 5K run. We met Laura and Angelina there. It was a little cold outside, but very pretty, so we bundled up and went on the walk. There was a quick egg hunt after the race, followed by some prize drawings Laura helped with.

Natalie relaxed after running a 5K

(This is how she woke up from her nap)

Sunday, after a trip to Costco for more frames, I started a picture hanging project. I started by cutting out frame templates and hanging them on the wall to get an idea of where I wanted the photos hung.

Once we had the layout down, I found the photos I wanted in the frames. It was so fun to look through the photo albums and find photos to hang on the wall. Then the fun part, banging nails into the wall and hanging the frames. The wall looks great and I’m already excited about buying more frames and hanging more photos.

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  1. Natalie has been busy (and so have you)! I love the nap photo.

    Go Miss Utah USA! Woo hoo!