Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hello blog world...let me update you on what has been happening since my last post.

Last week my mom and I went to Roberts craft store. I was feeling crafty and had some decorating ideas for Natalie’s room. To get started I was going to need mod podge, which is this great glue-like substance which allows you to stick paper objects on other objects (I’m sure a word wizard).
Then I went in search of die-cut letters. To my surprise, Roberts doesn’t sell die-cut letters, they only sell the machine that cuts out the letters. The nice lady at Roberts suggested we head to the near by scrapbook store, because they would have the letters already cut out. BUT, they didn’t. Lucky for us, they did sell pretty pink paper and if you buy the paper, you get to use the die-cut machine to cut out letters. However, this is where the trouble begins. I bought some cute paper, and set off to start the die-cutting process.
The “T” was easy, “I’ no problem…The “E”, “N”, “A” & “L” were another story. My mom watched me try to cut out the “E” five times before successfully cutting it out facing the right way and not upside down. My mom found it so funny, that she almost peed her pants because she was laughing so hard. I finally cut out every letter so they were all facing the right way and we spelled Natalie’s name correctly!

I took this basic step stool from Ikea, spray painted it chocolate brown, added a little mod podge, and those die cut letters and poof, custom made step stool:
While at Roberts, I found these cute, cute, cute wooden letters that I plan to paint dark brown and hang on one of the walls in Natalie’s room. The letters were on sale and my mom had a coupon, so they were only $2 a piece! Take that Babies R Us and your $8 letters!
I plan on painting them this weekend and hopefully I’ll get them hung too! I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Right now they are on the floor to remind me to paint and hang them.

Last night Natalie and I met Auntie Fran for appetizers at Mazza on 9th & 9th. Parking was horrible and I was stopped at every red light on my way there – so we were a little late. Lucky for us Frances waited for us. We split an appetizer sampler, with hummus, baba ganooj, veggie grape leaves, lamb sfiha, and fries. All delicious!
Natalie woke up after we ordered and Frances gave me a break by holding and playing with her the entire time. And being the good girl that Natalie is, she waited until the end of the evening to have a dirty diaper – especially lucky for me because I realized that I forgot to bring diapers in the diaper bag – I only brought wipes, not so helpful.

We are keeping busy this month. Stay tuned for updates on Natalie’s four month check up (seriously, where did the last four months go), our 2nd Vegas Vacation – which will include Natalie’s first plane ride!, and Grandma’s birthday to mention just a few things.

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