Friday, March 13, 2009

4 months - 3 shots

Today was Natalie’s 4 month doctor’s visit. She is growing like a weed, 13 pounds 2 ounces and 25 inches long. The doctor said she is doing so well, she should be in a textbook! The doctor is happy we started giving Natalie rice cereal and said to start giving her fruits and veggies.
Natalie is able to hold her head up, she tries to sit up out of her bouncy chair, and has started rolling over on a pretty regular basis. It is amazing to watch her change every day.

Phil might have to take a business trip to Indonesia in late April or early May, because of this our pediatrician decided to give Natalie an extra shot. That way if Phil brings anything home (other than presents) Natalie will be better protected. Poor Natalie had to have three shots today (ouch!) and a dropper of vaccine, which again she tried to spit out.

After her shots she ate a little bit and then promptly fell asleep. She slept the entire ride home, slept on the bed for about an hour, ate again and fell right back to sleep. Next time I want to schedule the shots close to bed time!Natalie will be taking her first airplane ride on Monday! I’ll update with photos when we are home.

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  1. Joelle!
    Natalie is SOOOOO beautiful! Where is she going on her first plane ride? We were talking about going on a short trip during my maternity leave...but aren't sure if it would work very well. :) I need to get your number, because I am going to have to call you all the time for baby advice.