Friday, February 13, 2009

Water with hops is always better

While I’m trying to drink and ocean of water a day so I don’t feel dehydrated, Phil often says, “I like my water with hops”. Truly, who needs water when you have beer? When I ask if he wants salad with dinner, he promptly answers “NO”. As I’m sweating away on the treadmill Phil is happy to play his X-Box and drink a beer. And who can fault him, he doesn’t gain any weight and really, the only reason I drink water and get on the treadmill is to prevent weight gain!

Well, things they are a changin’.

About a year before I got pregnant I started taking a folic acid & DHA vitamin so that I would be “extra” healthy when we decided to get pregnant. When I actually got pregnant, that one vitamin changed into many – a prenatal, a folic acid, a separate DHA, a vitamin D, an iron supplement and a calcium pill. Phil took notice and eventually decided to start taking a multi-vitamin. He said “if you can take all those pills, I guess I can take one”. Well it has now spilled over into other areas. For the past two nights Phil has come home and jumped on the treadmill. He even set it up so it records how many miles he accrues (I haven’t even done that). Well, being that I am one competitive person, I’ve decided to turn this change of events into a challenge. Last night after Phil got off the treadmill I decided to jump on (Yep, I broke away from Natalie long enough to exercise). I made sure to go just a little farter than Phil – he isn’t beating me!

Oh, and one more surprising thing…Phil actually drank water after he got off the treadmill – water without hops!

Wish me luck in this competition

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  1. A little farter huh :) Good luck beating me in that kind of competition! May want to try a few more hops, I hear that helps! P