Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vegas Vacation - Pack n Play

Last weekend we decided to take a trip to St. George and Vegas. Uncle Philip was playing with Rattle and Hum at the Santa Fe Station Casino and Natalie had never been to Vegas, so why wouldn’t we go?

We packed up the car on Thursday morning and Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy, Mommy and Natalie set off for St. George. Natalie slept most of the way, until we decided to wake her up in Beaver for lunch. She was more interested in looking around and stretching than eating. So we packed her back in her car seat and set off for St. George. We stopped to say hello to some family friends and then traveled to the hotel for the night. We went to dinner and then went to sleep. Natalie slept like a champ – 8 hours in the pack ‘n play, but mom wasn’t so lucky.

We woke up Friday, drove the boys to the golf course and then left for some shopping. We picked up the boys and made a mad dash for Vegas. Natalie ate about an hour before we left and wasn’t happy that we took so long to get to the hotel to feed her. She doesn’t understand why she has to stay in her car seat while we are driving. She cried for about the last 10 minutes and then was very happy to eat once we got there.

That night, after dinner, we went to the Chrome showroom to see Rattle and Hum perform. Because there was loud music and smoking, Natalie stayed in the room. Grandpa took the first babysitting slot, grandma joined him about 20 minutes later and I left the concert around midnight to pick up Natalie and put her to bed. Phil joined us about 4:30 in the morning after hanging with the band and playing cards. Natalie woke up about 6:30 for food and then went back to sleep until 8:30.

We left Saturday morning, stopped in Mesquite and then drove home. It was a long drive, but Natalie was a champ!

What a great vacation the week before I have to go back to work.

Heading for home..

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