Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Special Treat

U2 was a BLAST! And we all had a great time - especially Natalie! Although, we were a little worried she wouldn't want to stay once the music started, she actually liked it more once the music started.

In the spirit of a bed time story, here is the story of "The night we went to see U2"

The night started off with pizza dinner with Auntie, Godfather, Daddy, Mommy and Natalie, yum! Once dinner was finished, Natalie got changed into her "(RED)" shirt to match mommy and we all got ready to go. We piled into the car and drove to the trax train. Once we had tickets we jumped on the train and headed towards the stadium. Man was the train a crowded place! There were also some pushy people - banging into each other and yelling. What an adventure! We got to the stadium and made our way into the general admission line, where our bags were searched and we were given our wristbands. We were able to enter the stadium at that point...pretty amazing for little 2-year-old eyes! There was music playing, but not loud enough for Natalie to keep her headphones on.

We found our friends and our spot for the show and then decided to make our way to the back area to wait for the band to make their appearance. Once we made our way to the waiting spot, the music started to play and Natalie put on the headphones and got on my shoulders. At this point she was attracting quite a crowd of onlookers - people were smiling and pointing and taking her photo. There were about 10 people gathered around her and everyone had their cell phones out taking photos of her. We should have charged, we could have made a killing! We cheered as the band came on and were thisclose to them as they walked on stage...pretty cool! Once the music started, we decided to make our way toward the front of the stage.

Natalie loved all the lights, music and the opportunity to dance! She started bouncing on our shoulders, clapping with the crowd and then decided she wanted down so she could dance. And dance she did - through 3 songs! Phil and I decided that it was a great decision to bring her with us and we were all happy to let her experience her first concert at 2 :)

By 10:30, Natalie decided she needed a sleep break and fell asleep on my shoulder. We swayed and cheered to the music and then decided we should get home to little brother. We left before the encore, strange I know. We decided that getting home and beating the huge crowd to the train would be the best option. We made our way to the train, waited the 20 minutes then started on the journey home. We got home around 11:30 and were all in bed by midnight. What a way to spend a Tuesday night! It was such a good time. We had friends and family all around us and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Waiting for the train

Waiting for the band to come on stage

The show starts!

Enjoying the fantastic music

Many more photos were taken by members of our group, many photos were taken of Natalie by people who weren't part of our group too...I'll post the photos I can get my hands on soon.

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