Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Natalie loves to color and draw and recently we started doing more painting. I decided that when she was painting on my watch, we should only paint outside. Well, with the weather being what it is, painting had to happen inside the other day.

So, I tore some paper and laid it on the floor in the kitchen and opened up some paint. Natalie started off fine, painting on the paper and enjoying it. Then she accidentally stepped in the paint. So, she took off her now dirty sock and then accidentally stepped in the paint again, but now with her bare foot. She looked at me with this horrified look - so to make her feel better, I said, "don't worry it will wash right off when we are done".

Little did I know that would prompt her to start painting her foot, followed by her leg, followed by her arm, then her belly. By the time Phil got home she was pretty much covered. So Phil decided to join in the fun and he painted her back for her. She LOVED it and then allowed us to wash her off in the shower and pretty much all the paint washed right off...but there are still a few spots.

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