Sunday, March 21, 2010


When we first bought our house we decided that we would eventually turn this little cubbie hole spot in the basement into either a play room for the eventual children or into a storage spot. The baby came first so we turned it into a play room.

Once we had the play room, the God Father suggested that we paint a house on the wall outside of the cubbie hole, so we enlisted the help of a friend who is an artist. He took a photo of the blank wall and gave us a few options. We settled on one of the options and yesterday the painting happened.

The basement family room has officially turned into a play room

**this was done freehand, by our friend Tyler and his wife Hadley. If you need a good artist for a mural on your wall I'll give you his number


  1. Looks awesome!!! Natalie is such a lucky girl!

  2. That looks so fantastic! Can Kai come play in her house???

  3. So cute, Joelle! I'm sure Natalie loves it.