Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daily Happenings

Long time no post...because I've been busy.

Last week I was, once again, in Minnesota for work. I returned home Thursday evening and started cleaning the house for the retirement party we were hosting for my dad Saturday night. The party was so much fun (just a little stressful).

I started Friday by cleaning all the clutter out of all the rooms in the house. It is amazing how much room we have now that all the junk is gone (well, not gone, but out of sight out of mind). I also had a cleaning company come and clean all the rooms - so nice! After a quick trip to the store for all the food, we had some friends over for drinks and snacks. Saturday, after a morning walk, a girlfriend came over to help set up the house and food for the party. I made a trip to the liquor store and grocery store for the last minute items. The party started at 5:00, and surprisingly we were all able to get showered and ready by 4:30 (Phil & Natalie even fit in a nap)!

We had about 30 people over for a light dinner and drinks. It was so fun to see my dad interact with friends from all walks of his life, a friend from his first job 45 years ago, friends he met through work, through mutual friends, people who were at my parents wedding, who were at our wedding, and family. We finished up the night by 8:30. Godfather and Auntie gave Natalie a bath and we all crashed until 9:00 the next morning! (I tell Natalie that good babies sleep in, sometimes she listens.)

Unfortunately, we didn't get any photos of the event!

Sunday we watched Canada beat the US in the Gold medal hockey game, then went to dinner at my parents. All-in-all, a great weekend!

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