Friday, March 19, 2010

487 days (or thereabouts)

Natalie is over her cold. It was a rough time, note to self keep her healthy for the foreseeable future. We are all sleeping better these days.

I just got back from another trip to Minnesota. Minnesota, where there isn't much more to do than drink and work. And when I say drink I mean, throw all caution to the wind and party like you are a 20-something college kid, not a 30 year old mother. I have a bruise on each hip and I honestly couldn't tell you where they came from. Might have been from sleeping on the floor one night or maybe I walked into the wall. A friend of mine, supposedly fell of her chair, she might have a few more bruises than me...

Anyway, back to life as a responsible mom, and no more drinking (for at least tonight).

Tomorrow we are hoping to get Natalie to the park, if the weather warms up. If so, I'll return with photos

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