Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

Waaaaay back in October we took Natalie, Philip and Kai on a trip to lunch and then to pick out some pumpkins.  Lunch was exciting - Natalie and Kai were very well behaved; but, Philip? Not so much.  The kids loved picking out their pumpkins and if Kai and Natalie has their way we would have purchased almost every pumpkin that was in the lot.  Every time they saw one it was their "favorite".  We made it out of there with a pumpkin or three for each kid - one big and a few small each. 

After picking out their pumpkins they played on the playground while I paid for and loaded the pumpkins in the car.  I think it is safe to say that they had just as much fun this time as they did last year.  The only thing missing was Darin and Melinda.

A few days after we picked the pumpkins we had Darin, Melinda & Kai over for dinner and pumpkin carving.  They brought the pizza, we brought the pumpkin carving kit and we all had fun.  Natalie decided on a pretty traditional face and Kai picked a design that was a little harder to complete.  Darin showed his pumpkin-carving-prowess and all the pumpkins were carved to perfection.


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