Thursday, November 29, 2012

Surgery Day

Philip has been fighting the same ear infection since the end of May and I was finally able to get a referral to an ENT; so we made an appointment for the day before Halloween hoping we would see the ENT and be able to get tubes in Philip's ears.  Little did we know that he would be getting tubes and an adenoidectomy too.
The doctor too one look at a previous CT scan Philip had had and suggested that we have both procedures done at the same time.  He even suspected that Philip has/had sleep apnea - saying to us, "You probably notice he doesn't sleep well."  Biggest understatement of your carreer there doctor.

Because Halloween was the next day, the doctor had openings in his surgery schedule so we planned the surgery for the next day.  Happy Halloween.

His pre-op orders were no solid food after midnight and only clear liquid (water, apple juice or sprite) from midnight to 7:00 am and then nothing after that.  His surgery was slated for 10:00.  To say we were dreading what he would be like with no food, water or other beverage would be an understatement, we were terrified.  But he did great!  He had some apple juice at 6:30 and was a peach until his surgery.

When we checked in, they had us change him into his surgery clothes and then play with the same-day-surgery toys until it was his turn.  He was put under general anesthesia for the procedure and it only took about 30 minutes start to finish.  After surgery, his doctor came to talk to us about the procedure, saying things went very smooth and he was very happy we decided to do the adenoidectomy - he estimated that Philip's oxygen through his nose was blocked at least 90%; which is why he had been having such a hard time breathing, especially during the night.  Can you imagine only being able to get about 10% of air flow through your nose?  No wonder he wasn't sleeping.

When he woke up from the anesthesia, I was able to go back and hold him until they moved him to his post-op room.  He was totally out of it when he saw me and ended up tangling himself in all his cords while trying to crawl off the bed to me.  After we moved him, Phil was able to come back and hold him and from then on he only wanted Daddy.  He was discharged after being able to drink some apple juice and we were home just before noon.  He ended up sleeping for a few hours then was able to go trick or treating with us and managed the pain from surgery just fine.

He recovered very quickly and could have gone back to school the next day, but we decided to keep him home and away from germs for a few days.  The only down side was his stinky breath - a combination of the anesthesia and the adenoidectomy.  It was HORRIBLE for about 2 weeks.

Since his surgery, he has actually been sleeping better, has started talking more and been all around happier. We are so glad we were able to get it done and done quickly!

Just arriving at the hospital 

Pre-op play time


on the drive home

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  1. What a little trooper!!! I could not imagine my little one having to have surgery. You guys are amazing to handle it so well and i'm very glad it's helped!