Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anniversary Trip

The weekend after going to Omaha with Natalie, Phil and I went to Seattle to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary.  We left on a Saturday afternoon and came home Monday evening.  It was a quick two-night getaway that I wish had been longer.  It is amazing how you can convince your body that you don't miss or need quality sleep until you get two nights of it and it really hits you!

We spent Saturday wandering around the city, going to Pike Place Market and wandering up and down side streets.  That night we went to a little Italian restaurant for dinner and planned on staying for the burlesque show they were famous for, but after eating dinner and dessert and realizing we still had an hour to the 11:00 start time we decided to make it an early night and went back to the hotel instead.  We decided it is because we are either old or sleep deprived.

Sunday we went to the space needle and wandered around the city a little more.  That night we went to a french restaurant that was amazing!  Phil got a steak and I got a cheese, meat and pate platter with a big chunk of great baguette.  Heaven on a plate!

Monday we slept in, checked out of the hotel and walked around stopping in little restaurants for food and drinks along the way.  We went to the airport for our 4:00 flight and were home by 7:00 to kiss the very-happy-to-see-us kids!  Six years and two kids later we are still so much in love and I for one, can't imagine my life without my wonderful husband Phil.

On the train coming into town

Downtown Seattle

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