Thursday, December 8, 2011

Houston, we have a crawler

Philip has been toying with the idea of crawling for a while, but he officially started over the weekend.  It is funny, Natalie first crawled to get to a cell phone, Philip crawled to the stroller so he could play with the wheels. Difference between boys and girls?

This all happened on a trip for work to Boston the first few days of December.  My mom and Philip tagged along with me for the quick trip, but there wasn't enough time to do much other than hang out at the hotel and there was too much flying within the span of three days.  We left Sunday, traveling from here to Cincinnati then on to Boston.  Philip was wonderful on the plane, slept a little, played a lot, and made nary a noise.  We got to Boston, took a taxi to our hotel and were greeted by a friend of mine who lives near Boston.  She brought us a platter of cheese, hummus, carrots and grapes, crackers, lemon drop martinis and a bottle of wine. OH, and presents for Philip, Natalie, me and my mom. It was the best welcome I've ever had.

The next day I worked and then my friend met back up with us for dinner and more chatting.  Once again, she outdid herself.  She picked up dinner, brought wine and was fine to just sit in the hotel with us so Philip could play - much easier than trying to drag him out to a restaurant.  The next day, I worked a half day, then picked up mom and baby and drove to the airport.  We left in plenty of time, fearing lots of traffic and a busy airport...well, we encountered neither of those and were at the gate with two hours to spare.  We were able to let Philip take a cat nap, get some food, buy some water and then board the plane for the LONG flight home.  We took a direct, just over 5 hour flight.  That is a long flight sitting in first class, but put you in coach, with a baby?  Makes it feel like 10 hours.  But, as he always is, Philip was SO good on the flight and it was actually a pretty empty plane, so we had an entire row to ourselves, which made it easier.  He had his own seat, although he could be found more often either sitting on my lap or nursing.  This is the main reason he likes flying - he gets to sit on my lap and nurse whenever he wants.  He only slept for about 30 minutes on this flight, right at the beginning, and by the end of that 5 hours he was ready to be home and asleep!

My dad picked us up at the airport, drove us home and we crashed.  It was a great quick trip and I'm so glad I was able to see my friend Maria!  Only wish it had been longer, so I could have made it to her house to see her adorable dogs.

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