Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The last day of November, Natalie had her big holiday dance performance.  We got her dressed in her jingle bell costume and made our way to the festival she was performing at and waited for it to start.  She had a great time running around the open space while we waited and was very excited to get to wear lipstick and blush for the performance.  

pre performance

sort of dancing during the performance

It was so fun watching her get up on the stage.  She saw us sitting in the front row and immediately ran over to us and tried to sit with us instead of being on the stage.  The teacher got the girls lined up and the music started and Natalie was mesmerized by the audience so she just bounced up and down instead of doing the dance.  Then towards the end of the dance, she sprang into action and finished the dance with the other girls.  It was so funny, and because it was so funny, the video we have of it is too shaky because I was laughing so hard watching it. 

Can't wait for the spring performance!

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