Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cabin Fever

We decided to spend some of the fourth of July weekend at the cabin. It has been a while since we have been up there, mainly due to sleep or lack there of. See when we were there back in April, Philip didn't sleep all that peacefully which meant that I didn't either, which makes it hard to function as a mother of two. Also, in April and May Philip put me through my paces with a lot of not sleeping, which made me not want to go back to the cabin and experience what little sleep I was getting on an uncomfortable mattress. When and if he let me sleep I wanted to be in my own bed! Well, since everyone around here has been sleeping a little more (most nights) these days we decided that heading to the cabin for one night would be a nice change. So, on Saturday we drove up the canyon and spent the night at the cabin. As normal, there was a lot of playing outside, a few walks, and as not-normal, some sleep. We saw a deer on the drive up and a squirrel came to visit Natalie and her food while she played on the deck - which she was thrilled about.

While we were there, it was extra warm! Even though it was cooler than in the city, temperatures were above 80 - which is TOO hot for me! So, we decided to get the kids into the pool, a very small pool that we filled with warm water and put in the shade. Natalie loved it, and so did Philip...then Natalie decided that spilling water out of the pool and playing in the mud was much more fun that just playing in the pool water. Because, after all, isn't dirty water more fun than clean? Once she got the water dirty she decided to "wash" baby brothers hair because it wasn't clean...makes sense, right? That hair washing led to us leaving the swimming pool about 10 minutes after we filled it up. But it was fun while the we were out there for 10 minutes.

After our swimming adventure we decided it was pretty warm, so I left Philip pretty naked so he could be cooler than the rest of us. He was SO happy, and you can see his spiky dirty hair in these photos.

Trying to crawl

Mini push Up

There is a photo of my dad at almost the same age
so my mom insisted on taking this one to compare

By the time 4:00 rolled around, no one had taken a nap and everyone needed one, but rather than a nap, we decided to pack everyone in the car and take a drive down to a local resort that was hosting a fair for the 4th. By the time we got down to the resort and realized that the fair was over for the day, both kids were asleep in their car seats so we decided that rather than stop and play at the play ground or go back to the cabin we drove around so they could get some sort of a nap and make our evening a little better. While driving around the local town we found a BBQ place and screeched our tires turning around so we could pick up some brisket. Phil got a pound of brisket and as he told us many times that weekend, "The guy just pulled out this huge slab of meat and cut it in front of me" (he said it while drooling). I will say it was some of the best BBQ I've ever had and it was CHEAP for what we got. That night we enjoyed the BBQ and some brats. Everyone got some sleep and Phil was able to golf 18 holes the next day with my dad. We stayed up at the cabin until about 4:00 on Sunday then drove home. It was a pretty fun one-night adventure. The best part is that when we got home we had 4 red strawberries waiting for us.

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  1. That sounds like a totally fun adventure! So glad you could do those fun things together : ) I laughed about the brisket story and also the muddy hair washing : ) Little sisters are the best.