Monday, April 25, 2011


Two weekends ago, before I got sick, we made the trip to the cabin for an over-nighter.

Natalie went up with my parents earlier in the day on Friday and Phil, Philip and I came up once we were both done with work. We had a great time, Natalie "played" chess with Phil, went on a few walks around the cabin to explore, played in the little bit of snow that was left, carried fire wood, got slivers, and very little sleep. All in all a pretty good time! Plus, Phil got to play golf on Saturday morning, which is always a treat.

Sitting in the chair together

playing chess

Chilling in the bouncer

Once we got home on Saturday, we "washed" the car. It was covered in mud and after I decided to wash it at home rather than the car wash, we realized that we didn't have soap, so I used dish soap, not such a good choice, but most of the mud came off.

That night we went to dinner with friends and then got some much needed sleep!

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