Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snow Chair & Bounce House

Because the weather has been anything but predictable and it has been snowing more than I would like, Natalie got a new toy for the house. Blog world, meet "Jump-o-lene", "jump" meet the blog:

Yep, our house is a fun house, now equipped with toys - I'm next going to invest in "skinny" mirrors.

Now, back to that snow issue - not too long ago there was enough snow in the back yard to build a snowman and a killer snow chair. This is Natalie's "Queen" chair. She also has a little crown she likes to wear and when you say, "Natalie are you a princess?" she says, "No mama, I Queen!" We are all just living in her world.


  1. I totally love your jumper. Titon would love that! So fun for Natalie.

  2. Natalie loves it too! She has recently discovered that she can crawl up and over the wall - rather than using the "door". Scares me every time!

    If you are ever back in Salt Lake, let Titon come over and play!