Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So lucky you found me

This post is a day late, but this week I'm playing stay-at-home mom to two children and WOW is it exhausting and time consuming! The only reason I'm posting right now is because my mother and father came over to help me take care of the kiddos.

My super sweet husband sent me an email yesterday morning that said "I'm going to order the new bed" the new KING size bed. If you remember from a previous post I explained that the solution to our sleep "crisis" would be a king size bed. Well, that sweet husband solved the crisis and ordered the bed. It should be delivered in the next few weeks and hopefully we will all get more sleep by then. Of course, Murphy's Law suggests that by the time we get the new bed set up, Natalie will no longer want to sleep in our room and Philip will want his space too...but I'm glad we have it just in case ol' Murphy is wrong.

What a Valentine's day gift! On top of that he came home with a card for me that was super sweet...and said exactly what I needed it to say. Because forgot to pick up a card for him or make him one, here is my electronic card.

Phil, I love you, love the life we have together and am so excited for what the future holds. I'm so glad you found me :)

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