Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One month

We have made it to the four week mark!! And, knock on wood, things are starting to fall into more of a groove. For the past few weeks, Philip has shown signs of what the doctor called "a form of colic" in the evenings, which really meant that he liked to be held, walked, bounced, etc. As long as you were moving and he was in your arms he was fine. It also meant that he seems to have more gas in the evenings, so feedings normally resulted in a lot of burping and a lot of tooting. There were nights I thought I had reached my breaking point and after not sleeping much at night, mornings were harder and harder and crying seemed to be part of my daily routine. BUT, things have started to turn around! Philip is less gassy at night, which means he is in less discomfort, which means we are all in less discomfort. We also (finally) moved the crib out of Natalie's room and into Philip's room, and although he has never spent the night in the crib, I'm hopeful that will happen eventually.

Philip is a good eater. I seem to nurse him about every two to three hours, even at night - which is really hard. My life is now broken into two hour chunks of time. I think, "what can I accomplish in the next two hours", or "holy crap, it's already been two hours?" One great thing has been the fact that he will actually take a bottle. After the fiasco with Natalie never taking a bottle we decided that we should get him on the bottle early, and keep giving him a bottle every day so he would continue to take them once I went back to work. Lucky for us, he loves to eat and has taken to the bottle (again, knock on wood).

Because he is such a good eater, he is growing like a weed! I've already started to put away clothes that he doesn't fit into. Nothing that says Newborn on it will fit him, so does that mean he isn't still a newborn? Any way...to give you an idea of his growth, when he was born he weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces, when we left the hospital he weighed 7.10, two days later he was 7.12 and one week later he was 8 pounds 15 ounces! A pound in one week? Phil weighed him about a week ago and he tipped the scales at over 9 pounds. So, growing like a weed! I fully expect him to out weigh Natalie soon :)

Here are photos of him, taken at the one, two, three and four week mark.

One week

Two weeks
Three weeks

Four weeks

Now, I'm off to nurse my sweet boy

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