Thursday, December 2, 2010

This morning

Well, night one of Phil being gone was okay. We went to my parents house for dinner, which Natalie actually ate! Then the sweet girl fell asleep on the way home (score). My other baby (in my belly) had me up a few times during the night, but Natalie slept until about 6:30 am - which is still REALLY early, but fantastic because lately I was wondering if she had forgotten what it meant to sleep through the night. This is where the need for daddy really kicked in.

Little back story

From the time Natalie was born to about the time she was 16 months old, Phil would would always joke that he knew that Natalie loved me more. I would laugh and say, you just wait because the day will come when she won't want anything to do with me and all she will want is daddy. Well, he waited and that day came. For the past few months (I'm sure brought on by all the traveling I had to do this year) all she wants is Daddy. Some of her favorite phrases are, "No mommy" when I ask her any question and "Daddy do it" when I ask if I can help her do something.

When Phil was packing we talked about how Natalie was going to react to not having him around and I assured him that when he isn't around she lets me help and doesn't demand forward to 6:30 this morning when I went in to her room. "Good morning baby!" I said to her, she looked up at me and as she turned away said "No, want Daddy". To which I responded, "remember, daddy is on his trip, want to come with mommy." Then came her favorite phrase, "No mommy, want daddy." I wanted to respond, "ME TOO!" but decided to take another approach...After some talking, I FINALLY convinced her that if she would come with me, she could lay on my pillow and have some milk. So we cuddled for about 30 minutes while she had some milk which sort of made up for her demanding Phil.

Hopefully I can handle another week of is going to be fun!

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