Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baking up a storm

I have to use a little over 80 hours of vacation time before the end of the year; otherwise, I lose it. I'm not one to want to lose time so I'm taking a half week this week and next. My objectives this week include finishing up all my shopping and wrapping and baking all the holiday goodies we plan to give as presents. Yesterday I went to the mall which totally wiped me out so today I decided to stay home and start baking.

So far today I've made chocolate fudge, pumpkin bars, three cream cheese pound cakes (that also contain homemade cranberry sauce to make them more festive), chocolate chip cookies, four jars of body scrub and four jars of brownie mix. I also finished another scarf and I am about to start another one.

On tap for tomorrow is lunch with a friend, more wrapping and baking and possibly some relaxing.
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  1. These pictures are so happy. Baking=love. Miss you!

  2. Whoa...Why didn't you tell me you were baking...I am definitely up for a lesson or two, so next time give me a call, I promise not to bother you while I hone in on your cooking skills!