Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update Time

Lots has been going on around my house over the past week. This will be a long post, so get comfy before you start reading...

First is the big news that Natalie has taken her first, second, third (well you get the picture) steps! She took the steps on October 1st and has taken a few more almost every day following. Won't be long until she is running!

Next up was a trip to the zoo & an addition to the family. The addition is Boggie Bear and he is great fun to cuddle with! Grandma brought him to the zoo and Natalie talked to him the whole way home!
Boggie Bear
Zoo fun! It was a little chilly, but sunny

On October 2nd we traveled to a friends house for drinks and snacks. About 10 minutes before we left Natalie had a run in with a cookie sheet and landed her self a black eye! Poor baby cried and cried, a little part of my heart broke! Our story now is that we took her to the play ground and "You should see the other baby". It makes people very wary of leaving their children with us!
Chilly walk home
Poor little mouse

We held Phil's birthday dinner on the 6th. It was fun to have family over, everyone loved the lasagna and Phil said it was the best Key Lime pie I've ever made!
he had already blown out the candle - so this was a reenactment

Natalie and I needed to return a shirt we purchased for Phil (aka Dada), so we went to Macy's. Well, you can't go to Macy's without traveling to the kid's section...so travel we did - and look at what we found:
A new pink & white track suit, brown and pink lounge pants & a jeans, shirt & sweater outfit. All of these outfits only cost a total of $19, and that was without a coupon! I know how to shop.

Sunday, we celebrated my 30th birthday! Phil, my mom and Ashley threw me a surprise party. It was a great time and I was happy to have so many of my friends in one place! (pictures are forthcoming).

My brother & Laura gave me a way cool gift, I'm now the proud owner of a Snuggie blanket, you know, the blanket with sleeves? Oh, it is cool... In addition to the Snuggie, they got me another great-big card with music! It has turned into Natalie's new favorite toy. She dances when the "Party Time" music starts to play! It is too cute for words!
This is her taping her foot to the music

Yesterday, Natalie took a trip to the Aquarium with Erica. She had a blast and was ultra cute in her new outfit!
All ready to go

Last night, after a quick trip to Jo Ann's, I came home to the delivery of this:
It is an "upright grand" piano and it was built around 1894 and it was my Great Great Grandmothers, on my fathers side. Isn't that so cool? It is in surprisingly good condition and is still in tune. I can't wait for Natalie to be old enough for piano lessons.

And now, just because I can...here are some extra photos of Natalie
Seahorse Friend
Chillin' in the high chair
Playing with Grandpa
So comfortable in her car seat
My captions for these photos are
1. "Come on - just give me the food"
2. "Yippee! I see the food coming"

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  1. Yay for long blog entries! It was great to read all about the fun (and not so fun...black eye) happenings in the Whelan household. Natalie is a little doll, and I'm surprised you needed to add the captions to her high chair pictures, it was obvious that those were her exact thoughts.