Friday, April 20, 2012

Most of March

The March Update!
March started out with both Phil and I being home for the first week; but both being out of town the second week, followed by a family trip down south.
Phil was out of town for a work trip to Vegas.  The hardship...He left on a Monday returned on a Thursday evening.  My work trip took me back to Minnesota, from Monday to Wednesday.  I'm not sure what happened on Phil's trip, but I spent way too many hours in an office on mine.  By the time I arrived on Monday and made it to the office, it was 2:00; and I didn't leave until 8:00 - for a short dinner and stop at OfficeMax, then back to the office until 10:40!  I missed my exit for my hotel (too tired to drive I think), so wasn't in my room until a little after 11:00.  I was exhausted and fell asleep quickly, but was up early the next morning to head back to the office.  Tuesday was spent teaching, followed by a group dinner and another late night.  Wednesday morning was a very early morning, left my hotel at 6:30! After a day at the office, I caught the 5:20 flight home and was home for family (sans Phil) dinner by 8:00.   By almost 9:30 everyone was gone, Philip was crying in his crib and I was trying to get Natalie to bed.  I got her settled and tried to get Philip to bed, no luck.  Back to Natalie, got her to sleep by 10:00 and then walked Philip around until he finally fell asleep.  I put him in our bed and we got a few hours until Natalie joined us, which woke Philip up, which meant I was awake to walk him around.  Around 5:00 I put him in the stroller and took him on a stroller ride in his bedroom until he went to sleep.  I parked the stroller next to my side of the bed and slept in between pushing him when he stirred.  It was a long night!
Natalie riding a trike at my parents house

The next day, Thursday, I worked and started packing for the trip south.  We also had a friend of Natalie's over for dinner and play time.  Phil got home that night just in time to put Philip to bed and help me finish packing.  The next morning, we planned to leave the house by 8:00 am for the 4+ hour journey.  We got out of the house by 8:30 which was great and went off on our adventure.  Philip did really well on the trip down, only cried a little and we only had to make one stop on the side of the road for a pee break.  We got to my parents house in just in time for a Phil to go golfing and everyone else to eat lunch.  That night we had people over for dinner, followed by an okay night of sleep.  Saturday we left for Vegas, where my brother was playing in his tribute band.  We decided to spend the night in Vegas, and after a HORRIBLE night of very LITTLE sleep we decided we won't be making that decision again anytime soon.  The next day we drove back to my parents house and spent another two nights there before heading home.
The reason we went to Vegas.  Natalie couldn't get into the bar where the band was playing and she was NOT happy about it.  She keeps talking about the mean man who wouldn't let her into see her godfather

We decided to let Phil and Philip stay in our room, so Natalie and I slept on the pull out sofa.  Here we are getting ready for bed

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