Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The month started with a quick work trip to Boston.  I left Monday morning, arrived Monday evening (it's a long flight).  My friend Maria picked me up at the airport and we headed off for a quick driving tour of the city. She is a local so was able to navigate through the city streets and city traffic, in addition, she knows me, so she ended the tour with a stop at a local bar.  We each had a cocktail - hers was great, mine was a little too sweet. After the drink we walked to a local restaurant and had a great meal.  She put me in a cab that took me to the hotel - took me there after being confused about how to drive there and I called the hotel for directions.  Arrived safe and sound and was greeted by a colleague, who I proceeded to talk with until a little after midnight.  So much for a night away from home and sleeping as much as possible.
Tuesday I worked most of the day, then we straight to the airport to head home.  After a long flight, made easier by a seat in first class I arrived home a little after 7 and was greeted by babies and a husband.  Always nice to come home and sleep in your own bed and  be with them!

We were all home for a week, then got ready for another work trip.  Philip, Grandma and I headed to Philadelphia for an almost-week-long adventure.  We arrived Monday evening after a day of a lot of flying and little food and went straight to the small hotel bar for a beer and hummus appetizer while we tried to figure out what restaurants were within walking distance.  We ended up walking two blocks to China Town and eating at a local restaurant.  It was a LOT of food, which turned into another dinner a few nights later.  Normally when I travel for work, we stay at a hotel that is in a suburb, but on this trip we stayed right in downtown Philly which meant that my mom and Philip were able to see a lot of the city in the days they had there.  They visited the Masonic Temple, the Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall, in addition to a few other places.  I was working at the Wanamaker Building, which is a really cool old building that happened to have a Macy's in the basement, so my mom and Philip would visit me on lunch break and walk around the store.  Overall it was a great trip, the bad was the sleep and the one night we tried to get dinner and were treated horribly at a local restaurant, McCormick & Schmicks.  It was HORRIBLE, we were greeted by a woman who didn't really know where she could "let" us sit because we had a baby and after her boss told her we could sit anywhere, she sat us at a booth, but when I asked for a high chair for Philip she said she didn't think she could let me have a high chair, so I asked that if we couldn't have a high chair at that table that we be moved.  She then never came back just kept staring at our table from across the room.  After sitting at the booth for over 20 minutes and never being greeted by a manager or server, I decided not to wait any longer.  Picked up our stuff and walked out.  We walked around the corner and ended up at at Capital Grille. This restaurant was clearly NOT a place to bring a child, but the three women at the door greeted us so kindly!  We told them we needed to go, they immediately took our order (even when I ordered something that wasn't on the menu) and told us we could wait at the bar.  The bartender was so friendly, gave us (bottled Fuji) water and was happy to fill the beer order we had!  It was AMAZING!
On the plane ride to Philly - he loves looking out the window

sleeping at the liberty bell

more snoozing

sort of awake at Independence Hall

seriously the face? lol

another priceless
"seriously grandma, don't put me on the floor"

At the Wanamaker building

We left on Thursday, getting home after 9:00 pm and exhausted!  To say that little sleep was had during this trip would be an over-statement.  In fact, the last night in an exhausted last ditch effort to get Philip to sleep I put him in the stroller and wheeled him around the room until he fell asleep then kept my hand on the stroller and woke up every time there was a peep and kept moving him around.  So we were both happy to be home and get some sleep!

After we came home, we had the weekend before I left again for a one night trip. Leaving on the last Tuesday of the month on the 5:50 AM flight, going straight to work when I landed.  By the time I made it to the hotel, I ordered dinner, ate most of it and fell asleep by 8:00 pm and slept until 6:00 the next morning when I woke up and went back to work.  I made it home by 2:00 the next day - quick trip, but glad for the sky miles!

That pretty much wraps up February! But, for good measure here are some photos

French braid

see her face in the mirror

13 months old

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