Tuesday, October 25, 2011

County Fair

Back in early September, before my trip to New Jersey, Philip, Natalie, Phil and I went to the county fair.  This fair is the same fair that Phil and I had our first date to, so we always try and make a trip, so it was nice to return with two kids.  Ahh...life begins with the fair.

This is the mommy pig that Natalie got to pet - all the babies were eating at the time

This little goat escaped right after Natalie pet him.  The little rascal was caught and tied up again

Natalie got to ride a pony - it was SO exciting!

This is us on the HUGE yellow slide

another shot - it was so much fun, we had to go three times 

Natalie on the only ride she did alone - the little train

On the ferris wheel with Phil

Getting ready for the roller coaster

Going around the coaster track

It was a lot of fun!  We went pre-nap for Natalie and Philip slept while we were there.  Looking forward to next year when we might be able to go in the evening. 

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