Tuesday, October 25, 2011

9 Months!

WOW - time seems to be flying by.  It was just yesterday that Philip was born, right?  I mean, I'm tired enough to know it was 9 months ago, but really?  I'm starting to forget how small he was...

At 9 months:

  • You sit up very well and you enjoy it
  • You are starting to creep and swim on the floor
  • You are still a mama's boy and sleep in my arms every night
  • You like your toys and are starting to not hate the car
  • You love your sister and get so excited when you see her.  
  • Sister still loves you and likes to mother you.

And here is Natalie on the month before she turns three!  Lord help us, we will soon be dealing with a very strong willed three-year-old

Fixing her hair

Sitting pretty

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