Monday, November 29, 2010

Let it snow

This season we have already had a few snowfalls, which is great, because Natalie LOVES the snow. She can spend hours and hours playing outside and the cold doesn't even seem to effect her. Auntie Ashley sent Natalie a snow suit to use this winter and we have put it to good use.

Tasty white snow

Daddy built Natalie a tunnel in the backyard

Then he built a snow man
Natalie loves helping Daddy shovel

In addition to enjoying the snow, we have also been having multiple fires. Natalie knows that fires are only to be touched by mommy or daddy, but she loves watching daddy build and light the fire. After the fire is raging we normally put some pillows in front of the fire and she and bear relax and enjoy.

We also decorated the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Natalie really enjoyed hanging the ornaments and can't wait to turn on the tree lights each night.

In other words, we have been busy!

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