Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday spending

And yes - this is my desk at work, you would be shocked how much knitting can be accomplished while on conference calls

My attempt at scaling back on holiday spending. Hand-made gifts.

I figure that I'll be on maternity leave while the holiday bills come in so might as well try and limit the amount of money we spend because I'll be making a lot less money on maternity leave.

I'll also be whipping up some batches of cookies, brownies in a jar, and whipped butter and biscuits to give out. Far less expensive than multiple trips to the mall, and I'm sure much more appreciated by recipients.
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  1. Whoa! you have some serious skills...I didn't even know you could knit...I am however, fully aware of your fantastic cooking skills. Kai has been walking around all week saying Cake? Cake? Cake? He didn't even use that word until you brought over the most amazing cupcakes of all time. Send some of those homemade gifts my way...:)

  2. I think that homemade gifts are better than anything you can purchase!

  3. i'm still waiting for my fab homemade scarf.... ;-) love you gf!