Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm going to say it...and hopefully not jinx it...but Phil is on his way home!!

He will only make it about half way today, and then have about 6 or so more hours to drive tomorrow, but let's all keep our fingers crossed that the two-week-mark will be the end of his trip and he actually makes it home.

I think Natalie and I might try and make a key lime pie for his welcome home / birthday celebration. She, maybe even more than me (is that possible), has missed him so much! When she would be on a walk during the day and see a truck like his, she would yell "wait, Dada, wait" while it drove past. Last night, she picked up the phone and demanded we call Dada, then talked to him for a while. When I thought she was done, I took the phone so I could talk to him and she pulled it out of my hand - smacking herself in the face. She wasn't upset over the knock to the head, she was more upset about me telling daddy we would call him later. She cried "daddy phone now".

So, we will see who is more excited to see him.

And on this same topic, someone at work told me that I "can't complain about him being out of town because I have traveled so much this year." For the record, anytime we are apart I can complain - if it is me traveling or him. It sucks no matter what so in my eyes it doesn't matter and I complain equally when either one of us is gone! But, because I'm a numbers gal and I like balance, I went back and did some calculations - by the end of this month I will have traveled (not including the January trip where she was with me or half and Phil was with me for the other half) 36 nights. Phil has had two long trips (Australia and Colorado) and so we are about equal...except I beat him by a few nights I think.


  1. Chris told me that he was coming home and I was very excited for you guys! And I think that you have every right to complain! It sucks to be apart from each other, alone and out of your everyday routine! Welcome Home Phil!

  2. Yeah for him coming home! I can't believe you both travel so much. I agree with you, that is hard. I would probably complain too! Enjoy that Key lime pie!