Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, a Camping we will go (or we went)

**I started typing this post as soon as we returned from our trip, but then...well, time and life got in the way **

I love camping. I don't like going without a shower and sleeping in a tent when it is VERY cold, but I do love camping. We have been talking about taking a short camping trip since Natalie was born and we FINALLY got around to it this past weekend!

Friday, after a quick trip to the store and (over) packing the car, we put Natalie in her chair at 3:00 and started the hour and a half drive to our camp site. It was a relatively quick drive and when we arrived at the camping site we were able to set up our tents, go for a few walks, chop some wood and get the fire going.

Godfather and Auntie were able to join us and overall, it was a great first camping trip for Natalie. She absolutely loved playing in the dirt and exploring the camp. There was even a small stream running by our camping site that we let her play in the next morning. She loved throwing rocks in the water and getting splashed - for the record, I did not like getting splashed with muddy water, but it was still fun.

I can't wait for our next trip - which might be sooner rather than later, we are hoping to tag along with my parents in a few weeks...

Getting the marshmallows ready. Natalie is wearing her new favorite sweatshirt, the same sweatshirt my brothers and I all wore camping when we were her age.

Enjoying fire time and roasting marshmallows

Eating dinner - brats and salad

roasting a 'morning' marshmallow - that Natalie wouldn't eat, but insisted that we roast

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