Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cruisin' straight to ONE

We have had a lot of fun around our house (and away from our house too)!

Let's start by recapping our recent trip to Mexico - aboard the Radiance of the Seas cruise ship. We left on a Saturday morning on a flight to San Diego.

As always (knocking on wood), Natalie was a great on the airplane. There were a few kids, but she was the ONLY one who didn't cry - not once. She was great! We had the bulk head seats, which gave us a little more leg room and a spot for her to play (on top of our coats). We made a few walking trips up and down the aisle. Natalie has decided that it is much more fun to walk everywhere than it is to just play on our laps.

We left the airport and went straight to the boat and promptly, like any cruise ship patrons, went to the big cafeteria to eat. We were on a 5 night trip which left San Diego, made a stop in Ensenada Mexico (which we won't do again, not a great port), and a stop in Cabo before returning to San Diego. Below are the photos leading up to Cabo:
Grandpa, Natalie, Phil, God Father
Phil & Me (self portrait)
God Father & Phil
Formal Dinner Night
Grandma, Natalie, Me
Bathing Beauty

We made a stop in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and it was by far the best stop. We walked (forever) from the ship to the beach, but stopped for margaritas along the way, which made the walk longer and shorter all at the same time.
Those cups are bigger than they look
Once we got to the beach, my brother, who loves the ocean, ran in. It was perfect - the water was just warm enough, but not too warm; the air was moving, but it wasn't cold or hot...I would go back tomorrow and we are already planning a trip for next year.

My brother, the God Father, took Natalie in the ocean for her first time. She loved the water (just like her God Father)!
Grandpa, Grandma, Godfather enjoying a beer in the ocean
Dada & Natalie in the ocean
Splashing around
Natalie taking a nap on the beach
Family photo
God Father, Natalie and Me
Beach Baby
On the water taxi back to the boat

After we got back on the boat we all stuffed our selves with a late lunch, took a nap, then got ready for the birthday party. Natalie turned ONE on the cruise, which is actually why we went when we did. For her birthday, the God Father gave her a very fitting card. It had a photo of Marlon Brando as the God Father and then when you open the card he said, "Someday - and that day may never come - I'll call upon you to do a service for me." It cracked Natalie up. She started laughing and it became her most favorite toy for the remainder of the vacation.
Laughing at the card
After we opened cards and presents, we went to the dining room for the late dinner. After dinner they brought out a fruit tart with a candle. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and then Natalie promptly ate the whipped cream and fruit. Yum!

Natalie was the hit of the ship. She made a bunch of new friends, walked all over, never really cried, stayed up late, slept in late, took naps, slept in the pack and play most nights, played in the water, and was the perfect little girl we knew she would be.

What a way to celebrate a birthday! We also had a party for her when we returned. I'll post photos of that soon.

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