Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PIS – I love you

I got my first, “Where are you, you haven’t written on your blog” comment a few days ago. Here I thought I was writing for my own posterity, but people actually do read this thing! I’m so excited. I started this blog as a sort of journal, so that I could remember big events, like Natalie’s first tooth, or when she started to crawl…do you remember that? Because if you are reading this you have probably read my other posts, right?

Well, any who – this whole post was going to be about my new breast pump, because yes, I have a baby that I breastfeed! Shocking that breasts aren’t just for staring at – they actually feed human beings. Well, any way, when I decided that I was going to go back to work I realized that I would need a breast pump. The thing I didn’t realize is I would need a double breast pump – lingo that you might not know about if you haven’t had the pleasure of actually “milking” yourself! So, for the past 10 months (yes, Natalie is a little over 10 months old), I’ve been suffering with pumping with a puny little single pump. Well, suffer no more! Enter EBay, oh glorious EBay! Did you know you can buy never been used, in the box, sealed, high quality pumps on EBay? Well, you can! And so I did! Oh, Medela Pump In Style Advanced (referred to as the “PIS” by those in the know) how I love you! Let me count the ways…you take half the time as my old pump, you come with many accessories including a wonderful shoulder bag that can be used as a diaper bag!, two at once, two at once, the JOY!

Now, back to the other subject for this post, the idea that other people read this blog. I’m a confirmed ‘blog stalker’. Many a day I have spent reading blogs of people I don’t know, who don’t know me and who the hell knows how I found them. Generally I click on one link that leads me to a list of other link, and so on and so on. I’ve actually caught myself, on more than one occasion, starting a sentence with, “Well, I was reading this blog and, blah, blah”. Well, my blog stalking got me thinking about this blog and then I saw that movie Julie/Julia and it is all about this woman who writes a blog and becomes famous and is probably still living off the ad space on her blog, which got me thinking even more. Could my blog actually be a blog that is stalked? I guess, yes, but who knows? I don’t know how to track that.

When I first started this blog I debated making it password protected, only because my dad hates the ideas of blogs and putting your personal information out there for everyone to know and see. You know why I didn’t? Two reasons, first was that I like to stalk blogs and hate when I find a blog that is protected, so I didn’t want to do that to others, and TWO, because I often think someone might read this, someone with power and clout, contact me and offer me money to write stories for them (like Kramer and Mr. Peterman in Seinfeld) or they will put me in a reality series, which would be totally awesome to watch…I know, a girl can dream.

Well, anyway, I guess my point is that I actually hope that people are reading my blog. I know I love reading about other people, knowing what they are going through, finding common ground, whether it is babies, work, marriage, etc we all have something in common.

Back to stalking!

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  1. First, I would totally watch a Reality TV show if you were the star. Second, you can blog stalk me anyday! :)
    It was so fun to see you and Phil the other night! We went to dinner at Stell tonight, and Darin said: "Do you secretly hope we see our new friends here tonight", I could tell he hoped that! :)