Wednesday, September 11, 2013

June 2013

We started June with a haircut for the boy - which always makes him look older

We enjoyed some fruits of our garden planting - specifically a bumper crop of strawberries

 We made dad an apple pie and Natalie mad her own individual pie as well.  She loved making the dough, rolling it out and cutting the precise circle was especially fun for her. (we made 3 total in the month of June)

with ice cream or not, it is yummy!

We measured both kids in June, tracking their changes on our closet door. 
On June 4, 2013 Natalie measured in at 41.5 inches tall and Philip was 34.75 inches!  

We made several trips to visit godfather at his house.  The walk to and from the car is always an adventure - we are either running after kids going in different directions, or they are holding hands and walking together.

Natalie's class visited the Zoo and I participated as an adult volunteer for the adventure.  We visited animals - both statues and real.

 After the zoo, Natalie and I had a girls day out.  We had lunch at the Dodo followed by shopping for soap at Bath & Body Works, then home for a nap.

Phil was out of town for two separate work trips in June - one falling over Father's Day, so we celebrated without him by having fun in the back yard and taking a trip to the cabin.

We stopped at the outlets after our visit to the cabin, so we could ride the rides

fathers day card for Phil

Natalie participated in soccer this summer and loved it.  We had two games a week and she improved with every game.  She wanted to play every quarter and score as many goals as possible.  I was, naturally, the obnoxious mom on the sidelines screaming and cheering the loudest. 
We are signing her up for the fall session!

Little boy not satisfied with sitting on the sidelines; he was always running out to "help" his sister or get the ball
Except when he was enjoying a game snack while sitting on my lap

Gratuitous photos of my boy 

After a dip in the pool
In the pool - with all his clothes on

Getting ready for his foray into team sports (he thought it was pretty cool)

A lot of ground covered and we were only 1/2 way through the month!

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  1. Your kids are getting so big! And cuter than ever!